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Just Coffee by ZAKUGA Just Coffee :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 77 4 Mermaids of the Deep by ZAKUGA Mermaids of the Deep :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 346 31 Irelia - League of Legends by ZAKUGA Irelia - League of Legends :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 320 14 Widowmaker Datenight: Bang by ZAKUGA Widowmaker Datenight: Bang :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 417 30 BOOP Sombra by ZAKUGA BOOP Sombra :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 85 6 Mei Day off by ZAKUGA Mei Day off :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 150 6 Candela Pokemon Go by ZAKUGA Candela Pokemon Go :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 482 19 Mei Day off - (GIF) by ZAKUGA Mei Day off - (GIF) :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 138 8 D.VA Day off by ZAKUGA D.VA Day off :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 453 29 Dave : Knight of Time by ZAKUGA Dave : Knight of Time :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 85 5 John : Heir of Breath by ZAKUGA John : Heir of Breath :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 116 6 Jade : Witch of Space by ZAKUGA Jade : Witch of Space :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 189 7 Atelophobia by ZAKUGA Atelophobia :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 10 1 Angel : Ad Inferos Dies Irae Custos by ZAKUGA Angel : Ad Inferos Dies Irae Custos :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 62 0 Dragon Juicer by ZAKUGA Dragon Juicer :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 92 4 Icy Rogue Lord by ZAKUGA Icy Rogue Lord :iconzakuga:ZAKUGA 26 0


Just Coffee
                                                                                                    I am sitting
                                                                                                    In the morning
                                                                                                    At the diner
                                                                                                    On the corner
                                                                                                    I am waiting
                                                                                                    At the counter
                                                                                                    For the man
                                                                                                    To pour the coffee
                                                                                                     - Susanne Vega - Tom's Diner

Drew Astrid Berges from I Origins and listened to the song Tom's Diner like 10 times while drawing it XD Anyway, it was a fun face study

Mermaids of the Deep by ZAKUGA  D.VA Day off by ZAKUGA  Irelia - League of Legends by ZAKUGA

Song: Suzanne Vega - Toms Diner (Official Music Video)
Mermaids of the Deep
                                                                                    I live where you can't see me,
                                                                                    Hiding away in the shadows of the deep,
                                                                                    I swim into the bottom of your world  
                                                                                    For every space I cross I see a thousand pearls                                               
                                                                                    I breathe what I know you fear
                                                                                                          -Daughter Darling

This design was done by J. Waterhouse many a-decades ago, because of Daughter Darling's lyrics I've wanted to paint this, it is so fitting for mermaids that live in the dark swamps and seas that are mysterious and dangerous to us. It's really different than my usual style, and kind of rough due to brush strokes, but I hope you still like it. Heart


  Mage of Stormes by ZAKUGA   D.VA Day off by ZAKUGA  
Irelia - League of Legends by ZAKUGA

Irelia - League of Legends

Irelia the will of the blades

I redid her Splash art - League of Legends. If you haven't read her lore yet, I suggest you do! Did you know she is a necromancer? Yup.
This is my favorite character in lol, I've made platinum twice top laning her. If I can't get top with wu or irelia, I'll do a mid swagg'n swain.. Enough about me. 

(c)Riot Games Character 

    Candela Pokemon Go by ZAKUGA    Jade : Witch of Space by ZAKUGA    Widowmaker Datenight: Bang by ZAKUGA    D.VA Day off by ZAKUGA


BOOP Sombra
I did a study of my favorite part of Overwatch's cinematic: Sombra boopping Katya. I am happy about Sombra as a character, makes me excited what Blizzard will make in the future 

This was all painted in photoshop, its not a screenshot. swag. 

other Overwatch & fan art 
Mei Day off by ZAKUGA  D.VA Day off by ZAKUGA  Candela Pokemon Go by ZAKUGA


Artist | Professional | Digital Art


Artist | Professional | Digital Art

A hunter of Peace
Always chasing the elusive mayfly known as love

The Pen is Mightier.

Homestuck : Memoir

Mon Apr 18, 2016, 6:51 PM
  • Listening to: おんがく
  • Reading: MS. Paint Adventures
  • Drinking: コーヒー

In memory of my fav web-comic and story ever* I will be making a portrait for every main character in my art style. I draw quick HS characters on tumblr:

This will take about 6 months to complete, worth it. 

I love you homestuck and you will be missed <3

7 years Homestuck has been running, and it is literally the best investment I've ever made, stocks included.


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